L-Lysine 98,5%

champosMonocalcium phosphate is manufactured from specifically prepared (defluorinated) wet-process phosphoric acid and calcite raw materials. Monocalcium phosphate is used as a supplement to birds and poultry feeds. This product supplements the feed ratio by phosphorus and calcium – mineral elements so important for formation of steady bones, normal functioning of energy, albumen metabolism, reproduction, neural and immunity systems. Mineral feed additive of such composition is especially beneficial for herbivorous animals.

Химические свойства
Химическая формула: C6H14N2O2-HCL
Молекулярная масса: 182.65
Состав азота: 15.34%

 Показатель питательности

Лизин: 78.8%
Общий белок: 94.5%

Характеристики L-лизина гидрохлорида

Параметр Значение
Вид От светло-коричневого до желтого цвета порошок
Содержание L-лизина гидрохлорида ≥98.5%
Удельное вращение +18.0°-+21.5°
Потери при сушке ≤1.0%
Зольный остаток ≤0.3%
Соли аммония ≤0.04%
Содержания тяжелых металлов (Pb) ≤0.003%
Содержание мышьяка ≤0.0002%
PH 5.0-6.0

Упаковка: 25 кг/мешок
Срок хранения: 2 года
Хранение: Хранить в сухом, проветриваемом месте, защищенном от света и влаги.





Parameter MCP 22,0
Total phosphorus (P) , %, not less than 22,0
Calcium (Ca), %, not less than 16-17
Relative solubility of phosphorus (P) in 0,4 % HCl, % 98
pH (1% solution), not less than 3,3
Moisture, %, not more than 3
Ashes insoluble in 3N HCl, %, not more than 1


Undesirable substances Requirements of EU legislation
Fluorine (F), mg/kg, not more than 2000
Arsenic (As) , mg/kg, not more than 10
Lead (Pb), mg/kg, not more than 15
Cadmium (Cd), mg/kg, not more than 10
Mercury (Hg), mg/kg, not more than  0,1
Dioxine, ng WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ/kg, not more than 1,0
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A balanced diet provides the best quantitative and qualitative relationship of basic proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and more than two dozen of other biologically classes.

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